Yesterday & Today
Libreria Le Nuvole opened the doors at Fossano in August 1979, by a young couple of passionate readers.. it was managed by a cooperative, with the intention of providing a cultural meeting point, in addition to a bookstore.

 In January 1986 the bookstore was taken over by Fabio and Stefano Gemello, the current owners, who renewed and enlarged it, and turned it into a reference point for books even outside Fossano In addition to their traditional book retail business, some years Fabio and Stefano have been providing a wholesale service to stationery and book shops over the province of Cuneo for some years.



Our priority is to offer our customers expertise, caring and willingnessthese goods are not for sale, but are precious for us.. We a wide range of books, including fiction and nonfiction literature, with a special care to small and local publishers.

 We also have a great selection of guide-books and handbooks on different topics. In our bookstore you will find textbooks for every course of studies, Italian and foreign dictionaries and grammars, atlases, IT texts and many foreign language books.

We are proud of our special space for kids and youth, aged from three months to eighteen years..

We are aware that we cannot have everything you need in our point-of-sale, and this is why we are committed to satisfy every customer's demand in the shortest delay, so that you may find what you need , within a few days.