Then & Now

The Le Nuvole bookshop was born in Fossano in August 1979, on the initiative of a couple of young lovers of books and reading.

In the following years, it will be managed by a cooperative of members, with the desire to create a cultural as well as commercial space.

In January 1986, it is taken over by Fabio and Stefano Gemello, the current owners, who restructure and enlarge it, to make it a point of reference in the sector even beyond the Fossano borders.

For some years now, owners have been offering a wholesale refueling service for a number of stationery stores throughout the province of Cuneo to the traditional sale to the public.


In our library, we try to offer first of all competence, courtesy and availability: they are not sold, but we believe they are very precious.

We deal with all kinds of books, from fiction to non-fiction, with attention to small publishing houses and local publishing; we have a good assortment of tourist guides and manuals on all kinds of activities and pastimes.

Here you can find school texts from elementary school to university, dictionaries and grammars of Italian and many foreign languages, as well as atlases, computer science texts and a section of books in the original language.

We are very proud of our space for books for children and teenagers, from three months of age to adolescence.

It is certainly not possible to have everything, for this reason we take great care of the speed of supplies and customer orders, trying to satisfy every desire by supplying the requested books in the space of a few days.

All our passion at your disposal.

We are here, within four walls, for those who like us are excited to smell the perfume that only a #bookshop gives off, for those who to choose their #book must touch it, smell it, open it and read a #page ... not any one, not the first ... maybe the ones that the fate of their thumb chooses, or that page that shows our favorite number or instead for the spoilers the last one.

We are within four walls because the #books must be dusted and dusted every now and then, you have to trip over them and in doing so you will find forgotten ones that cannot be searched.

We are within four walls because we have captured the signs of the passing of #time, the yellowed pages, the shimmering covers or the slightly creased ears.

We are here to give each reader their medicine, but in order to be effective the #bookseller must first diagnose the disease; we are here to satiate with the favorite dish of recommended pages; we are filter for the optimization of readings; we are #profilers who do not offer sterile according to an algorithm or always by analogy to what we have read, sometimes we push for #contrast and open universes.

We are here, in a world that runs we make the pages run but we stay still in via Cavour, 23 in Fossano; we remain a point of reference, we remain material and not abstract, we remain faces, hands, smiles and perfumes that one day recommend you a book, the next day they help you look for it and the next day they make you love one that you would never have chosen.

We are Stefano and Fabio two old-fashioned booksellers, we are waiting for you in our small but huge casket!